Blind Expò is the solution to the problem of theft and break-ins in your business. The Blind Expò system can easily be used as a furnishing component for: tobacconists, opticians’ centres and shops, pharmacies, schools and other sales outlets with valuables. Blind Expò security cabinets and display units for tobacconists are completely made in Italy and comply with UNI EN 14450:2005 security standards certified by Istituto Giordano s.p.a. secure storage units – S2 certification.

Armadi blindati Blind Expò

Our security cabinets

Blind Expò has patented a range of security cabinets to enable you to secure your shop and protect your goods. Our security cabinets are suitable for all types of business and are certified.

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Our cigarette displays

If you have a tobacconist’s shop, Blind Expò’s security tobacco and cigarette display units are the most effective solution for protecting cigarettes and tobacco products from theft. Discover our solutions for tobacco shops and keep your cigarettes and tobacco safe.

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Espositori sigarette
Casseforti temporizzate antirapina

Time-controlled safes

Our safeswill help you secure your shop and make you feel protected in case of robbery thanks to their time-delayed opening mechanism.

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How to secure your shop

We have created a blog specifically to help you secure your business.