Each safe is equipped with a time delay. Thanks to this device, the opening of the door can be programmed from 0 to 99 minute and money cannot be removed quickly. This is the best deterrent against robbery, as the delayed opening allows you to activate the most common anti-robbery and alarm systems, giving the police plenty of time to act.

An anti-robbery safe is a safe with a special slot (called "wolf's mouth") that allows you to insert cash or documents into the safe without opening it. This clever technique allows you to insert the cash collected in your shop periodically during business hours and protect it from any robbery attempts that may occur while your shop is open.

All shopkeepers want to feel safe and work in an environment where they are protected from theft and robberies. Our quick drop-in anti-robbery safes are designed to help shopkeepers feel safe and protect their takings from robberies.

Anti-robbery time-controlled safes