Espositore per sigarette e tabacchi

Beautiful during the day, safe at night… Just close them! With our displays for cigarettes and tobaccos, elegance enters your tobacconist’s and never goes out. In the evening, with a simple turn of the key, your products remain armored inside the display unit, while ensuring practicality in service, product visibility and maximum security of your premises at night.



The best exhibitors for tobacconists

Double-base linear

A large security cigarette display for extra capacity.

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Corner 260

Double security tobacco display with 180° opening.

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Display cabinet for tobacconists with 180 ° opening without drawers.

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Single-base linear

Security display, ideal for showcasing your products.

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Corner midi 90

Corner security cigarette dispenser suitable for small spaces.

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Corner midi 130

Security tobacco items display, corner or 180° opening.

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Buy a single baseless Linear display.

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Patented security cigarette display

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Sicurezza espositori blindati sigarette

Guaranteed and certified security

Once they are closed, our security cigarette display units comply with UNI EN 14450:2005 security standards and are certified by Istituto Giordano S.p.a as Secure Storage Units – S2 Certification.

  • High quality sheet metal
    3 mm thick (security doors for residential use usually have a sheet metal thickness of 1.2 mm);
  • Security locks
    (depending on the model, they may be protected with manganese anti-drill plates;
  • Internal concealed hinges made of high-quality steel
    Total weight of model complete with display unit and drawers: 300 to 650 kg (depending on model);
  • Elegant efficiency
    Concealed internal hinges in high-quality steel.
  • Solidity and anchoring to the wall / floor
    Each model is equipped with at least 8 anchoring points to the wall and / or floor with specific techniques based on the flooring / masonry of the room.

Our tobacconist’s displays are very practical

  • The shelves are designed to accommodate packet pushers and LED lighting;
  • The side doors close like a wardrobe and their contents are protected just like in a security cabinet;
  • The security drawer unit at the base of the display unit makes it possible to store and keep stocks of cigarette cartons within easy reach, keeping your stock safe;
  • LED lighting ensures maximum visibility of the products on display to customers.
caratteristiche espositori sigarette
Espositore tabacchi economici

Affordable cigarette and tobacco displays

  • Tax benefits and tax credit for capital goods;
  • Five-year amortisation for capital goods;
  • State and regional contributions for retailer security;
  • Leading insurance companies offersignificant reductions in insurance premiums for owners of security displays as a result of the significant reduction in risk. Ask your insurer for a quote if you are considering adopting the Blind Expò system and discover the advantages. Ask your insurer for a quote assuming the adoption of the Blind Expò system and you will be able to see the aforementioned reductions.