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The Corner 260 security cigarette display is the top model of our tobacco products display range.

This model was designed to offer the widest possible displaying space: thanks to its structure, it allows you to display up to 340 cigarette pack slots.

The security drawer units located at the base of the cigarette display allow you to safely store up to 550 cartons of cigarettes: it is a real vault that can be used as a safe and handy storage unit.

All Blind Expò security cigarette display units can be customised and adapted to match your furnishing style, thanks to the availability of a liquid paint finish of your choice (RAL colour range).

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Features of Corner 260

Height 230
Width open 260
Width closed 130
Length 60
Baseline length 45/60
Door width 65
Weight with 45 base 680 Kg
Weight with 60 base 720 Kg
Display unit capacity 340 cigarette pack slots
Baseline capacity 360 cartons + drawer for valuables

Data shown is generic and subject to change, consult manufacturer

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