The Double-base linear closable security display unit for tobacconists’ shops is UNI EN 14450:2005 (S2) certified and is designed to store a large number of cigarette packets and other valuables such as scratch cards, tobacco products, stamps, electronic cigarettes etc.

Thanks to its closable, two-door cabinet display part, the Double-Base Linear ensures maximum functionality and security. The security drawers located at the base of the cigarette display allow you to safely store up to 550 cartons of cigarettes: it is a real vault that can be used as a safe and handy storage unit.

The display part of this security tobacco display unit holds up to 6,000 cigarette packets and is designed to accommodate spring-loaded packet-pusher systems to allow for quick and easy service.

All Blind Expò security cigarette displays can be customised and adapted to match your furnishing style, thanks to the availability of a liquid paint finish of your choice (RAL colour range).

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Features of Double-base linear

Linear 180 Linear 200
Height 230 250
Width open 180 200
Width closed 90 100
Length 60 60
Baseline length 45/60 60
Door width 45 50
Weight with 45 base 510 Kg /
Weight with 60 base 550 620
Display unit capacity 230 cigarette pack slots 250 cigarette pack slots
Baseline capacity 360 cartons + drawers for valuables 480+ drawers for valuables

Data shown is generic and subject to change, consult manufacturer

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