Espositore linear


The Linear closable security display unit for cigarettes is designed to display and store up to 280 cigarette pack slots and other valuables, such as scratch cards, tobacco products, stamps, electronic cigarettes etc.

This model of security display consists solely of a display module (without base and drawers) with a fixed central body to which two side modules are fixed that open and close like a cabinet.

This allows the tobacconist to close the display unit when closing the shop, like a real safe.

Thanks to its versatility, Linear is suitable for all tobacconists who cannot or do not want to replace the lower part of the cabinet or shelves they have installed behind the counter. The Linear security tobacco display can be positioned above the existing counter by plugging it into the wall behind it.

This security tobacco display can hold up to 5,000 cigarette packets and can be fitted with a spring-loaded packet pusher and LED lighting as the customer wishes.

Like all other Blind Expò security displays, Linear can be customised and adapted to match your furnishing style, thanks to the availability of a liquid paint finish of your choice (RAL colour range).

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Features of Double-base linear

  Linear 180 Linear 200
Height 1301 50
Width open 180 200
Width closed 90 100
Length 60 60
Length open 36 36
Door width 45 50
Weight with 45 base 250 Kg 280 Kg
Display unit capacity 230 cigarette pack slots 250 cigarette pack slots

Data shown is generic and subject to change, consult manufacturer

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