How much should you spend to protect your tobacco items or valuables?

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First of all, it is necessary to give the right value to one’s possessions, whether they are tangible (gold, coins, jewellery, etc.) or have an emotional value (cherished objects that remind us of someone, something or some particular event, letters, etc.).

Depending on the value of your possessions, you should purchase a security cabinet or safewith the appropriate technical security features.

One cannot certainly think that it is a good idea to spend a few hundred euros to protect goods that are worth tens of thousands of euros, just as one cannot spend thousands of euros to protect assets of little value.

Once the amount of value to be protected has been assessed, the right protection device must be chosen: safe, security cabinet or security display? And once the right security device has been chosen, who can guarantee that the product chosen to be purchased is a good one?

The security cabinet must be made of high-quality materials, and the thickness of the metal sheet usedis extremely important. The thicker the sheet metal, the greater the resistance to attack by intruders. The thickness of the most common security cabinets and safeson the market vary from 1.5 mm to 3 mm.

Another important aspect for both safes and security cabinetsis whether they are fitted with a second layer of sheet metal plates for additional protection.

This means that buyers must be wary of overly light security cabinets and safes.

Another important aspect is that the security cabinet or safeshould have locks that are certified according to VDS regulations.

It is also important that the cabinet is locked indirectly, i.e. the lock does not act directly on the bolts but on a second mechanism that operates the bolts. In this way, the bolts will not open even if the lock is broken.

Always ask if your safeor security cabinet has locks protected by special manganese plates. Manganese steel is extremely difficult to drill through and it makes it very difficult for thieves to break the lock.

The number of bolts in the safe or security cabinet also plays a significant role.

Are you very confused?

If you are, just remember that a security cabinet that complies with EN14450 standards is a quality product.

Remember to ask for certification that your safeor security cabinetmeets these standards.

A security cabinet and safewith certification has been subjected to strict burglary tests at highly specialised organisations indicated by the certifying body.

Once it is closed, Blind Expò complies with UNI EN 14450:2005 security standards certified by Istituto Giordano s.p.a secure storage units – S2 certification.


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