What type of lock should I buy in order to be safe?


Security cabinets can be equipped with different locking systems.

Key-only lock (K): practical, safe, always at hand and with the advantage of being included in the product price.

Mechanical combination lock (C): with a million combinations, impossible to decipher, it has the advantage of not needing a key, which is inconvenient for you to carry around with a bunch of other keys or can be lost. Our combinations are also spy-proof, i.e. they are built in such a way as to prevent criminals from reading the numbers we are setting.

Key + mechanical combination (KC): in addition to having the same degree of security as the key lock, it has all the advantages of the mechanical combination. In this way, the level of security of the security cabinet or safe is greatly increased.

Dynamo electronic combination (ED): it is safe and has an infinite number of combinations that are impossible to decipher. It differs from all other electronic combination locks in that it does not have batteries that run down over time and have to be replaced. It has a dynamo device that allows it to operate indefinitely.

Key + dynamo electronic combination (KED): in addition to having the same degree of security as the key lock, it adds the high degree of security of the electronic combination described above.

Key + battery operated electronic combination (KEB): in addition to offering the same security as the key lock and despite having the same features as the dynamo electronic lock, it differs from the latter in that it has a swinging bolt that allows the electronic lock to close automatically when the handleis operated.

Now that we have described all these types of locks and how they work, we advise you to consider the valuables that are to be protected and the cost of the locks together with the cost of the security cabinet you have chosen: don’t spend little money to protect a great amount of valuable goods, and don’t spend too much money to protect little!

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